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Treasures of Lake Kivu

You will never know why every weekend, all roads lead to Karongi district in the Western province, until you set your eyes on the beauty of Lake Kivu. It is a motivation to those who treasure interests in lakes.

The lake has one of the most beautiful islands, blue water, turquoise water, beach front and you imagine you live in paradise – in a lake blue and crystal clear.

There are extremely beautiful islands that show an endowed beautiful nature of this part of Rwanda. Upon arrival on the lake shores, you will meet young men ready to help you board a boat, to one of the most popular islands, known as Akarwa k’amahoro-Peace Island.

At the island, the paradise of Lake Kivu will help you enjoy; mix pleasure and adventure in your holidays. It helps one relax and keep away from bustling city life, in a beautiful virgin beach of Kivu island and self possessed atmosphere.

Akarwa k’amahoro- Peace Island is one of the hidden inside treasure of Lake Kivu, allowing you to hike through fishermen’s community and enjoy spectacular basin of the lake.

As you approach the beautiful Peace Island, your eye roams beyond the beaches, and you are struck by the thick green forests that still cover a large part of this Island.

The choice is always yours-you may camp at the island, where during the day you can play beach games or simply lie down and take in the beauty of it all.

If you are a photographic enthusiast, you will not believe the shots you will capture; the sunsets on the beach are extraordinary. The islands here are teaming with all sorts of birds, making them quite the bird watchers dream destination.

Or pick a room at one of the Hotels on the shores of the lake. Some hotels are located on the beachfront allowing for maximum enjoyment of the beach.

This means you will sleep and wake up to the sounds of the lake and depending on the location of your room, enjoy breathtaking views. The treasures of Lake Kivu are so enormous that we cannot exhaust them today.


Source: The New Times

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