moriah hill


About us

In service since 2003

Moriah Hill Resort has been in service since 2003. Our beautiful resort hotel is located on our own peninsula on the shores of Lake Kivu in the Karongi district. We are a family run luxury hotel with an aim to create an unforgettable experiences for our guests. Here at Moriah Hill resort, we love what we do and we are the best at it. Our main goal is for our guest to have the perfect getaway, we anticipate your needs and go above and beyond to fulfill them and go beyond expectations

Things to see nearby Moriah Hill Resort

There is a lot to see nearbye Moriah Hill Resort. Among others, there is a number of historical islands in lake Kivu. The example of the Peace Island, known as "Akarwa k'Amahoro", The Napolon Hat "Le Chapeau de Napoléon", and many more wonders in the lake. There is the unique Methan Gas extraction plant, which produces more than 25 Megawatt of electricity. There is an opportunity to go through the Kivu Belt road and a nice view of the magnificent scenery of mountains and hills overlooking Lake Kivu and the other side of the lake: DRC.