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Welcome to your home away from home

Located right in on shores of Lake Kivu, this completely renovated resort is everything you need for the perfect vacation, family gathering or a romantic getaway. Every room is equipped with amenities that will help you relax and feel refreshed by the caressing breeze from Lake Kivu, one of the cleanest lakes in the world. Every single room is equipped with a HD TV, air conditioner, hair driers, refrigerator, wireless internet and a safe locker to for your valuables. Come and enjoy other recreational activities including kayaking, canoeing, swimming, boat tours, tennis, beach volleyball and tanning lakeside enjoying a delicious cocktail.
from $1000 100m2 1-4 person

At Moriah Hill Resort, enjoy even more of the suite life in an expansive Executive Suite from 75 sqm (807 sqf). Boasting sweeping

from $155 1-2 person

Should you travel in group, or just sharing a guestroom with a colleague, our twin rooms are made fore you: enjoy the comfort of

from $180
from $180 77m2 1-4 person

Enjoy even more of the family room in an expansive Executive Suite from 75 sqm (807 sqf). Boasting sweeping waterfront view over

from $150 55m2 1-2 person

The Standard Room at the Moriah Hill resort in Kibuye is a perfectly formed contemporary room filled with elegance and comfort. B

Enjoy the breeze on the shores of Lake Kivu

Take your vacation in style in our elegant resort. Enjoy the breeze on beautiful shores of Lake Kivu. Our multi-level resort features spacious terraces over-looking our beautiful lake also the best place to enjoy mesmerizing sunsets, the beautiful sound of colorful birds and the smoothness of the waves. Sit back, relax and enjoy your perfect getaway.

Enjoy drinks on the terrace

A parlour for everyone

A comfy bed and related amenities

Sleep tight like a baby

Experience fishing

Enjoy fishing Sambaza and fish with local fishermen

Enjoy large mirror and HD Smart TV

Enjoy everything in 3D inside the exquisit room

You are invited for Kayaking and fishing

We welcome groups of kayakers, looking to explore a slightly different perspective of Lake Kivu. You will be able to explore a number of islands in the lake, including the Napoleon’s hat and the Peace Islet, local known as ‘Akarwa k’Amahoro’. The islands in Lake Kivu provide miles of territory to explore, and the extreme low tides uncover the mystical underwater world as you paddle by. Single kayaks and double kayaks are available for rent. Alternatively, you can bring your own kayaking canoe.

"Best time ever"

Thanks a lot Moriah Hill Resort team. I enjoyed staying with you. I was amazed to see how beautiful your location is, close to the lake and all facilities in the lake. I will definitely come back with my family and friends. Kudos

Moreen Denysia

"What a nice hotel"

I enjoyed staying with your resort guys. The place is incredibly beautiful, with the best scenery ever! What a nice view of the lake! I enjoyed the customer care at your resort and the food is very testy! Keep up the best service for your clients.

Mary de Santos



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